E. Romero Fire & Hose Phase II COMPLETE!

e. romero oldBuilt in 1882, burned and rebuilt in 1909, the Romero Hose & Fire Building is the home of the first volunteer fire department in the State of New Mexico. The building’s strategic location allowed it to pump water directly from the Acequia Madre, which was the lifeblood of the community for much of its history.

e. romero facade squad

2010:  Although the E. Romero building had fallen into disuse and severe disrepair, MainStreet de Las Vegas’ Façade Squad gave the building’s exterior a face-lift in 2009, prompting renewed consideration of this previously overlooked resource.  Accordingly,MSLV asked the Volunteer Fire Department to donate the building to City of Las Vegas as a museum space: the title was officially transferred in 2010 and the next year the City replaced the roof to stabilize the building.


2010-11:    City of Las Vegas receives deed to building and replaces roof = Phase 1 of a three phase project.

2012:  MainStreet de Las Vegas receives “Community Preservation Award” from State Historic Preservation Department.

2013:  New Mexico’s Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary, Jon Barela, formally presented the Capital Outlay Award of $75,000 to MainStreet de E. Romero announcement (27)Las Vegas in partnership with City of Las Vegas for

Phase 2 Renovation of the first floor of E. Romero Hose & Fire Building.

The project scope included removal of rotted ceiling, adding heat, updating electric, plumbing and a public rest room.  The goal is that the first floor will house E Romero Jan 2015 (2)E. Romero Phase 2 (2)City’s 1937 Seagrave Fire Truck and memorabilia as a fire truck museum.

Accordion glass wall to allow visitors and locals to view vintage 1937 Seagrave Fire Engine and 1890 “La France” Fire Cart owned by City of Las Vegas.E. Romero Phase 2 (7)

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